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Call Climate Pro today to schedule your HVAC maintenance for the season, or get a free estimate to replace your old system with a new high efficiency system. Today's systems can not only save you money on your electric bill but offer options to make the air in your home healthier and reduce dust, mold and allergens.

We offer BGE and Pepco rebates on qualifying systems. Financing available!


All services performed & supervised by Master HVAC Mechanic

heat pump and air conditioning systems

Heat pump repair and replacement services

Air conditioning repair and replacement services

Whole house installations

Replacement specialists

No salesman involved

Offering a variety of top brands

Brand name replacement parts

Free estimates on replacement & installation

services by licensed Master Mechanic

  • Residential and commercial repairs

  • All major brand name parts where applicable

  • We repair all brands and all types of equipment

  • Repairs performed by Master HVAC Mechanic

  • Affordable, dependable service

  • Servicing gas fired boilers and steam boilers

  • Residential and commercial repairs

  • Residential replacement, light commercial replacement

  • Pumps, piping, control valves

  • Radiator install and repairs

furnace and boiler repair
ductless system climate pro

Installing and repairing ductless air systems is one of our specialties.  As an affordable option, it is perfect for smaller spaces such as:  basements, enclosed porches, unconditioned single rooms, or aging homes with no duct work.

A variety of brands available:

Mitsubishi, Carrier, Daikin, First Co.

Free estimates by licensed Master HVAC Mechanic with no sales pitch or obligation

We repair and replace all types and brands of water heaters.

  • Conventional and tankless, all types

  • Free estimates on replacements

  • Installation by Master HVAC mechanic

  • Offering a variety of brands such as Bradford White, Rinnai, Rheem, A.O. Smith, Bosch

  • Water heater maintenance check (yearly is advised)

  • Brand name parts where applicable

water heater replacement
high velosity systems climate pro

Our Master Mechanic is a leading installer of high velocity systems in the MD/DC area completing hundreds of installations.


High velocity is used to retrofit older homes where there are no existing duct runs. Flexible duct is run behind walls/ceilings/floors resulting in no visible ductwork, and no need for unsightly bulkheads. High velocity systems can also be used in new construction, and is a great option when adding a large addition to a home/building.


We offer The Unico System brand for all our high velocity projects and are a Unico Authorized Installer.

Add an air purifier or humidifier to any new system for the latest in air quality and efficiency for you family.

Steam and bypass humidifiers creates humidity in the air which gives the feel of a warmer temperature allowing you to keep your thermostat at a lower temperature and saving you money on your heating bill.

Electronic and Electrostatic air cleaners purify the air directly from your system. UV Systems are also available.

air purifiers an humidifiers
 radiator installation

Steam / Hydronic Radiators

  • Installation

  • Service

  • Repair

Offering multiple brands of thermostats with the latest in Smart Technology.


"smart" features include"

  • Monitoring and control via apps on your

      laptop, phone or tablet

  • Remote control via wifi

  • Learning ability - learns your schedule

      and detects when you are home

  • Touch screen control

  • Humidity sensors

  • Email alerts

  • Power consumption reports

  • Integration with smart home systems

smart thermostats installation

Free estimates with NO salesman or lengthy sales pitch!

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